Announcing Nodal

Long-time readers of the blog know Modal conducts a free, biweekly US Prosecution Study Group. The Study Group follows the US prosecutions of Japan-origin cases from filing through an adverse appeal. Modal writes the slides in English, and U-English Corp. translates the slides into Japanese. However, because the sessions are led in English (ごめんね), U-English interprets the sessions into Japanese.

A new series, Nodal, focuses on appeals in artificial intelligence and machine learning cases. The cases are not limited to Japanese origin, because there are few such cases on appeal. To cover so much information, two sets of slides are produced: one for background information, and one for live presentation.

U-English translates both sets of slides into Japanese (available upon request). Again, the sessions are led in English and interpreted into Japanese.

Session 1 (below) considers Ex Parte Kass, No. 2020-004776 (PTAB Dec. 31, 2020) (corresponding to US Serial No. 15/136,182).

And, as a reminder, no attorney-client relationship is implied by this session. Please see the disclaimer in the video and on this site.

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