Modal is a value-oriented law firm focused on Intellectual Property and related areas. We work with domestic and international clients in our patent, trademark and copyright practices.  

We tailor our process to each client’s specific portfolio needs and goals.  We work with our clients to define and clarify those needs and help them act accordingly.

We believe in developing and refining our relationships with clients one case at a time, over time, and for years to come.  

Practice Areas

Preparation and Filing of Applications

Modal works with companies, their inventors, and their designers to develop a full-range understanding of potential intellectual properties.  Modal can recommend and develop a portfolio of assets by drafting applications and associated documents to grow clients’ IP capital.

Prosecution of Applications

Modal draws on years of experience helping domestic and international clients navigate intellectual property prosecution.  This experience in varied client needs allows Modal to focus on providing legal services on a desirable fee and time schedule.

Corporate Training

Modal develops content and presents a number of educational seminars on a variety of Intellectual Property subjects and adjacent technologies. Modal speaks both in-person and virtually on several platforms.

Legal Opinions

Modal provides legal analysis and formal opinion work preceding prosecution or litigation, or in response to legal notices received by the client.

Market Research and Prior Art Search

It is easier to prevent errors than to fix them.  Conducting a search early often saves money and time later.  Similarly, conducting research before entering a market can avoid unnecessary delays and litigation or licensing fees. 

Technology Export

Modal’s substantial experience working with international clients provides essential background to aid clients in obtaining export clearances for their products and ideas from the United States. Modal also obtains foreign filing licenses as an alternative to export clearance opinions.

Technology Transfers

Modal assists with licensing, drafting and reviewing assignments of rights, and other transfers of intellectual property.

Who is Modal?

Modal is led by Brian Epstein, our Principal and Representative Attorney. Other professional staff include a US Patent Attorney and US Patent Agent. They allow Modal to provide services in special interest patent areas, while clients also benefit from native Japanese linguistic skills.

Modal’s professional staff are supported by a group of skilled patent and business specialists. An experienced Intellectual Property secretary is available to address client needs, and further staff include a Controller, an Information Technologist, and a native Japanese-speaking cultural consultant.

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