October 2020


Elsewhere, I recently mentioned the USPTO does not permit reliance on Wikipedia, even for background information.  I then learned the European Patent Office permits use… Read More »Wikipedia


どのような構成要件の組合せも、その精度は別として、審査官はおよそ見つけられる、とチザム(Chisum)か何かの専門書で読んだことがあります。したがって、学術的な意味では、各特許審査では、In re Japikse, 181 F.2d 1019, 86 USPQ 70(CCPA 1950)(MPEP 2144.04 VI Cも参照)に基づき、部品の配置変更による自明性の拒絶を審査官が行うことになるのです。

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Design Choice

I remember some treatise (Chisum?) making the point that an Examiner can find almost any combination of elements at a low-level of granularity.  Thus, in… Read More »Design Choice


American law schools generally teach students to organize their paragraphs according to IRAC: issue, rule, analysis, conclusion.  (This structure is sometimes modified to CIRAC, in… Read More »IRAC